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Future Corpse - Culture Ruins Everything

Future Corpse - Culture Ruins Everything

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : I’ve had the following to say about Future Corpse’s debut ‘Another World to Consume’ back in May of 2016: “Bands like Future Corpse are an enticing look into the future of prog. It’s really bands like this that are on the forefront of what prog metal might become and that’s worth something. However, the band still lacks a concrete direction in their songwriting and I think these three fine gentlemen can really accomplish a great follow-up if the focus is shifted towards writing strong, confined packages of their sound instead of long-winded displays of technical knowhow.”

Now, that follow-up is here in the form of ‘Culture Ruins Everything’ and, while they didn’t really abandon the all-encompassing chaos that was so present on the debut, it does paint a clearer picture of the direction the band is taking. It’s a worthwhile listen and one that never really alienates much, as it’s a fitting melting pot of the punk legends of old and progressive modern touches. Progpunk, as it’s now known, is a sound not often heard and while it may jump from influence to influence in a sometimes jarring fashion, it never really gets “too much” because it all sounds so familiar, yet fresh. The Sex Pistols and NOFX are easily mixed with post-hardcore influences of La Dispute and Dance Gavin Dance. At the Drive-In and The Mars Volta also come popping up and, for the true connoisseur, An Endless Sporadic also rears its head. It’s all quite captivating, the energy is incredible and the album is definitely worth the listen as a result.

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