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The Radio Sun - Beautiful Strange

The Radio Sun - Beautiful Strange

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Before their second last album ‘Unstoppable’, which was their fourth, I had never heard this Australian formation The Radio Sun. Although I appreciated the predecessor very much, I had not taken an investigation trip into their back-catalogue, but now I do have their fifth album in my digital post. The new album follows the path of his predecessor without any diversions; once more we get treated to very accessible melodic classic rock with catchy melodies which are performed with craftsmanship. Especially the voice and guitars are way above average level again, and make this album, despite the well-trodden paths, a very enjoyable, high quality piece of work. Most songs can have that “where have I heard this before” feeling, with ‘Standing Tall Unlimited’ as most remarkable example, reminding me of ‘Blijf Bij Me’ by De Kreuners. Very often these “that sounds familiar” moments refer to bands like Bad English or others in that direction, and that can’t be bad in my opinion.

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