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Shell From Oceanic - How To Let Go

Shell From Oceanic - How To Let Go

Label : Dooweet | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Shell From Oceanic is a Portuguese prog outfit that has released their new album ‘How To Let Go’ last June. The band manages to melt a lot of jazz fusion (think Scale the Summit, Mestis and Cynic and the like) into their instrumental prog soup and that results, like it so often does, for a tough cookie. This is not music you put on as background noise, for the shifts happen so often that it feels like this seven-song album is in fact a twenty tracks album with a runtime just over 30 minutes. The musicianship is insane, but it leads to a lack of focus in favor of overly technical displays and a need to keep switching things up. The second you’re starting to internalize a beat, harmony or melody, it’s wretched away from you and it makes for a very uneasy listen, no matter how much Ritalin you’ve taken.

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