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Evilness - New Perspectives, No Evolution

Evilness - New Perspectives, No Evolution

Label : GVA Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Evilness (I know, what a name) hails from France and plays a crossover between death and thrash metal that’s ever so fondly remembered by the genre fanatics. Old school influences like Death, Testament and Death Angel meet modern takes on the sound from Revocation, though hardly as filled with technical prowess. Whether or not it’s a convincing effort, I’d best leave to the wintered thrash head, but to me it never really pushes any buttons. The solos aren’t iconic enough, the vocals not genuine enough and the songwriting lacks impact. Old Metallica slithers its way through a sound that’s paved with lackluster blast beats and it all just feels mostly hollow to me. Sure, this might go down easy with the initiated, smelly wearer of denim jackets-with-patches, but for me it’s nothing more than a rather shallow attempt at fervor.

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