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Dead Man's Boogie - Devil Nation

Dead Man's Boogie - Devil Nation

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Michael Dietrich... that name did ring a bell. He is a singer / guitarist who is part of the band Dead Man's Boogie. And suddenly it occurred to me; yes, I once did a review of his soloalbum. And I was not exactly enthusiastic about that release, especially because it was really a solo album: practically everything was done by Dietrich. On 'Devil Nation' I am happy to hear a band playing all the music. Dead Man's Boogie is a four-piece band from Germany who have been together since 2012 and who now release 'Devil Nation', their second self-financed full length album.

The music of Dead Man’s Boogie is not exactly world shocking. But I did not expect that either. And that is not necessary either. Dead Man's Boogie is a nice band that plays heavy rock, sometimes with some metal influences but also regularly with the necessary melodic arrangements. Together with guitarist Volker Zaucker, Dietrich sometimes produces nice guitar parts (both the solo and the riffs in 'New Messiah', 'Follow The Sun' and the heavy 'Jekyll & Hyde') but there are also quite a few meaningless songs. The most striking track is without a doubt 'No Hero', which clocks no less than 10 minutes. Vocally you hear the limitations (no range and no power) of Dietrich, but at the same time you also hear compositional qualities of the band. Not to mention the really wonderful guitar parts in the second part of this song. As already noted, it is an album that does not stand out among the flood of releases that are scattered over us every week, but it is not bad either.

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