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Cancer - Into the Heartless Silence

Cancer - Into the Heartless Silence

Label : Throats Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Cancer is an up and coming black metal outfit from Australia, the country that spawned Norse not long ago. Now, I don’t want to say they are uncannily similar; Norse gets under your skin a lot easier and is further removed from the conventions of the genre. Now, that’s not to say that Cancer is anything easily digested – dissonant, heavy and very atmospheric might be better words to describe what we hear on this debut full length. The band released their debut EP ‘Terminal’ about two years ago. Now the question is: does ‘Into the Heartless Silence’ carry enough weight to push the band into notoriety?

It’s a subjective question, and not one easily answered. For one, this record is not for the faint of heart – songs like ‘The Sleepless Waltz’ and ‘Ouroboros’ might stick to the statures of the genre, songs like ‘Apherisis’ and ‘Shell Over Bone’ do so far less and lower the tempo to introduce doomier hints and more post-black influences. What does become noticeable is that songs tend to get longer and longer as the album progresses and some of the focus gets lost on the way. It doesn’t stand in the way of the atmosphere, though, and there’s something in here for every fan of the genre. Just don’t start your black metal journey on this album – not until you’ve been initiated to the icy shrieks and traditional flurries of blast beats yet.

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