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Panzer Squad - Ruins

Panzer Squad - Ruins

Label : Testimony Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Panzer Squad from Osnabrück are debuting this month with their first full length album ‘Ruins’ and turn everything around them in rubble and ashes. With an incredibly destructive force this three-piece deliver a dozen own compositions and a Shitlickers cover that leave no stone unturned to set the world on fire. Back to the basics 80s thrash metal with simple riffs and infectious D-beats, plain guitar, bass, drums and go! Shut the fuck up and hit the pedal to the metal! The guys in Panzer Squad are clearly influenced by punk metal scene forerunners Toxic Holocaust and it is not a coincidence that Toxic Holocaust frontman Joel Grind mixed ‘Ruins’. When you’re into aggressive, vicious, raw and dirty thrash metal, you can’t get around Panzer Squad, since these guys absolutely deliver!

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