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R.O.D. - #ScoietyKill

R.O.D. - #ScoietyKill

Label : Defense Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Hailing from Poland comes R.O.D., which is short for Razor Of Death. The band however started as Inkubator back in 2005. Maybe they found out there was a German death metal band called Incubator that debuted with ‘Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism’ in the year 1991? The early adaptors of death metal might remember them from way back. Anyway, R.O.D. debuted with the ‘Death For All’ full-length in 2012 on Seven Gates Of Hell and has their sophomore album out in 2018.

R.O.D. are now signed with Defense Records, a Polish label that is still an unknown force here in Holland, but is definitely worth checking out. The ‘#SocietyKill’ album is one that thrashers should keep an eye (and ear) on. This is a 22 minute authentic hardcore / thrash metal assault that is about to explode in your stereo. Who needs new products from bands that keep repeating themselves over and over again when there’s R.O.D.?

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