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Omega Diatribe - Trinity

Omega Diatribe - Trinity

Label : Metal Scrap Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Metalcore band Omega Diatribe from Hungary have finished their third album and at first I thought we were dealing with a concept album: 'Trinity'. That name also gave me the impression that this must be a white metal band, but further investigation showed I was wrong about that.

After listening to the first couple of songs I thought I was listening to the story of someone who had been blasted to smithereens and is then reconstructed against his will, part man, part machine. A really kick-ass concept. Moving on into the album though the topics seem to shift towards the usual complaints about how harsh this world is, that you are your own biggest enemy and that you need to conquer this.

There are bands out there that do things a little bit differently and breathe new life into the metalcore genre that way. Omega Diatribe is not one of those bands; they are exactly what you expect when you hear the term metalcore: thrashing, weird, awkward breaks, a little bit of djenting and a pained soul pouring out all his misery with full force. This is metalcore and within the genre this is quality. If that is what you are into you will love this album; if you would rather hear music that is a little bit different from the stuff you already know, then this might not be the one for you.

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