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Malichor - Nightmares & Abominations

Malichor - Nightmares & Abominations

Label : Iron, Blood & Death Corp. | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : ‘Nightmares & Abominations’ is the debut album of Australia’s black thrash metal outfit Malichor. The band formed under the name Myth in 2007 out of the ashes of the black metal band Anarazel and changed its’ name in 2011 to Malichor. As Malichor these Aussies from Melbourne released the EP’s ‘Lurkers in the Crypt’ (2012) and ‘Ancient Brew’ (2013), that were later released alongside songs from their first 2011 demo ‘Oath of the Dagon’ on the ‘The Lost City’ compilation in 2014. With ‘Nightmares & Abominations’ this five piece released their debut full length album in January of this year through the Mexican underground label Iron, Blood and Death Corporation and finally we got hold of a copy of this little Aussie black thrash gem.

Malichor plays vicious black thrash metal influenced by 80s heroes like Venom, Kreator, Slayer and Celtic Frost and yet sounding more like black thrashers Destroyer 666 and Desaster. Very energetic, raw and dirty blackened thrash metal with Lovecraftian lyrics is what Malichor stands for and even though their blend of frantic thrash and raw black metal isn’t the most original, at least it is well executed and highly enjoyable if you are into this kind of music. The album sounds really dynamic, there are really fast songs and slower ones and solos added to keep it interesting all along the way. The eight tracks on ‘Nightmares & Abominations’ are a nice treat for those who are into leather, chains, spikes and bullets and Aussie black thrash fucking metal!

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