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Fetor - No Poems Just Slam

Fetor - No Poems Just Slam

Label : Mythrone Promotion | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : ‘No Poems Just Slam’ is exactly what this release is all about. Polish brutal death metal band Fetor release this live recording from their ‘Grind ‘em All Fest’ live appearance in 2015, which was their fourth live show ever and at the time they did not have an album out yet. In 2016 Fetor released their debut album ‘Abandoned Hope’ and eight of the ten tracks from this release you will find on this live recording as well. I am normally not a big fan of live recordings and with ‘No Poems Just Slam’ this isn’t any different. But for what it is worth, the recording sounds pretty decent and if you are into brutal slam death metal, this release might be interesting for you. Fetor delivered a punishing show at Grind’em All Fest and I’m sure they got the feet of the audience of the ground.

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