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Krakow - Minus

Krakow - Minus

Label : Karisma Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : The fourth full length album by Krakow is named 'minus'. It is the result of combining and sorting the material they had written, enough to fill two albums, and thus what we get here is the very best these gentlemen have to offer. Or, as they say themselves: the pinnacle of thirteen years of Krakow. This of course sets high expectations, and I am glad to say that these expectations are fully met.

Right from the start (which is quite logical when you think about it) the sometimes unearthly sounds invite us to step out of this world and take a look into the distances that Krakow paints and conjures up. Except for the fact that we can put this music into the heavy rock/metal corner, there is really very little else to be said about its genre and styles, because Krakow mixes all of it together in such an ideal way that you hardly even notice it. Nice vocal harmonies, hot guitar bits, dark drumparts, a very tasty, marching bass and even some Pink Floydian eruptions. This music swarms where it should not be able to go and this results in a fresh and surprising sound. I would like to compare it to a lump of solid clay that is being pushed through a press and comes out on the other side with just as much volume but in twelve different strands (sounds) that still fit together so well that it makes one beautiful whole.

I did have to frown a little when I got to title track 'minus', just because at first glance (listen) it sounded less spectacular than what goes before it, but this changed for the better the more often I listened to the record. This instrumental song ripples gently onwards like a calm river and occasionally leads to some intense rapids while you keep secretly hoping for a rugged waterfall that just does not appear. No, eventually the river does launch you over the edge but instead of finding yourself in a thunderous freefall you are led towards a kind of cosmic sea on which you will float around, dazed, for a while, until the last track commences. And that is where my only criticism lies: it is a great song, placid and a little dark, but the group singing at the end seems totally misplaced. All the rest, as you might have gathered already, is top-notch.

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