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Spacetrucker - Smooth Orbit

Spacetrucker - Smooth Orbit

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Spacetrucker is what I would call a nice, positive band. No bullshit, a sense of humor and let's go! Guys who you want to be successful in making a kickass record. But they do not need our well-wishing because their music sounds awesome without it anyway. It is likely but I do not know for sure that their bandname is a tribute to Deep Purple, but what I do know is that the feeling that Purple so carefully (or maybe so chaotically) managed to craft during 'Space Truckin' is used here as a backdrop for all the stories this band has to tell. They do not actually sound the same, but they share that uncomplicated, galactical travel feeling. And that, my friend, is quite a good buzz.

We are being treated to sturdy, fresh sounding riffs that create a full and dynamic sound right off the bat, a sound that is maintained throughout the album. This is the foundation and it is abundantly amplified with catchy lyrics and... you know what it is? This band knows how to create beautiful scenarios using just their instruments. The guitar weaving its hypnotic sounds into great storylines, all the while being pushed forward by interesting, lively bass lines and tight drums. Spacetrucker could have decided to not use vocals and then still manage to easily interest the listener, but I am glad that they did decide to use them. When you are this strong musically, adding vocals can really add an extra dimension, and that is what is happening here.

Before each song starts there will be a few nanoseconds in which you wait with bated breath and then when those notes start coming you know: "Yes, another great one!" Stoner bliss in a non-repetitive way and enriched with catchy (but serious!) rhythms and melodies. No fillers, all killers!

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