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Inyan - A Bitter Relief

Inyan - A Bitter Relief

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Inyan is the name these three gentlemen from northern Italy gave their band after getting together in 2012 and deciding they wanted to make music. After two EP's and extensive touring of the homeland, Belgium and The Netherlands they started recording their official debut album, and 'A Bitter Relief' is the result of their endeavor.

In Lakotan language (a native American tribe) Inyan means stone or rock, and that is exactly what is happening on this record: your socks are being rocked off by this stoner oriented trio. They lay down compelling riffs that make you feel as if entering a trusty, warm bath, only there is no time to quietly sit down and let the water soak in because Inyan also manages to raise a hefty storm: they are not repeating the same notes over and over again, no, this band uses contagious melodies that they present to you straight in your face. The music gallops on and on and we are treated to nice guitar parts that take you far away, supported by the vocals that seem to constantly adjust to what the music requires of them, giving each song a certain, emotional charge.

The band is also capable of creating appealing, longer songs, and they show us that with the song 'The Way You Wished', managing to captivate for its entire ten minute duration and starting with a quiet, lapping sound that will encourage anyone to just stare into the distance and ride along on its rhythm as it is rend occasionally by painful guitar stabs. When the vocals set in melancholically and the music uses its foreboding presence to invigorate the lyrics you know there is no way back anymore and you already start anticipating the moment you can listen to this song again - like the feeling you get when sipping from a full glass of beer and are already looking forward to the next.

'A Bitter Relief' is a great album that, within the stoner style, explores many different directions. Polished (as in: no bullshitting around) and yet very raw sounding.

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