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Demetra Sine Die - Post Glacial Rebound

Demetra Sine Die - Post Glacial Rebound

Label : Third I Rex | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : The new and third album by Demetra Sine Die is finished and it is called 'Post Glacial Rebound', a record that lines up very well with the ones that came before but shows a definite development on that. It contains seven quite lengthy compositions that not only show us different kinds of music, but also oppressive sounds, shrieks and gloomy vocals. Altogether this creates a brooding, almost terrifying atmosphere that reminds me of a haunted mansion that not only contains dolls and effects but also real life actors, making every hallway, every corner a place that can trigger another dangerous surprise. Only these are not the corridors of a mansion we are traversing, they are the even darker paths of the human mind, and 'Post Glacial Rebound' has a knack for taking the side roads that lead to the least pleasant regions.

It is a very interesting record on which a lot of things seem to happen at the same time and because of this the album keeps renewing itself. I do not think anyone will get bored listening to it; even the long, spoken passage in 'Eternal Transmigration' ends just in time, and then moves on into the repeating, almost hypnotic but very groovy 'Liars', that by its composition would fit quite nicely in any doom or stoner collection, were it not for the fact that it sounds just too alien for that. As if the notes to the music were written on stripped off human skin, and behind this we would see shadows of ferocious, monstrous mouths of creatures from a different galaxy trying to break free. Is it really necessary to use these cryptic descriptions? Yes, in order to give you an idea of what's going on here, it is really necessary.

Distant soundscapes alternating with solid guitar parts and decorated some more with very versatile vocals. Occasionally the music shows very clear moments that will pull you out of the shroud you are in, into the heavy reality of metal, and will then gently push you, nodding your head, back into the void. And all of this is really very nice to listen to. 'Post Glacial Rebound' is an album that you need to sit down and listen to, without doing anything else, and after a couple of times it will slowly but heavily start to grow on you, pushing its otherwordly psychedelics into your brain, where they will nestle and anchor. You are now lost.

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