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Lurk - Fringe

Lurk - Fringe

Label : Transcending Obscurity | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : ‘Fringe’ by Lurk is an odd case. The album has actually, more or less, been released before, but only in digital form for a very short while on the band’s bandcamp page, in 2016. Now, some two years on ‘Fringe’ finally sees a proper release in both physical and digital form by a label (Transcending Obscurity) and unlimited with new cover artwork. What is the music like? I hear many a person ask. Let me say that what I remember of the debut album is that that was extreme sludge of the rotten and nasty kind. ‘Fringe’, however, travels a slightly different path. There is still sludge present in the sound of these gentlemen, but by far not as extreme and rotten and nasty as before. I now hear more melodic doom influences and it is also more atmospheric than before. It has to be said, it is more catchy now and sticks in your head better. Even though debut album ‘Lurk’ did go down really well with me, ‘Fringe’ goes down even better. Anyone who enjoys sludge and doom should give ‘Fringe’ a chance.

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