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DeVicious - Never Say Never

DeVicious - Never Say Never

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : As you might know, Germany counts a lot of hard rock bands. Typical aspects are the somewhat nasal and German sounding vocals and a love for ‘happy metal’. DeVicious also hails from Germany, but the afore mentioned German facets are, lucky us, missing on their debut album ‘Never Say Never’. Reason for this could well be their vocalist Mister Sanders, as he originates from Serbia. Besides Sanders Radivoj Petrovic does not sound that German as well. It must be said that the album is very well produced by bass player Alex Frey. After hearing the ten songs on offering, it is easy to say that the band can be labeled as melodic and commercial sounding. Keyboards are a main ingredient. Sometimes the songs are very commercial, like ‘Penthouse Floor’ (nice though) and ‘Lullaby’(not that nice). On the other hand the band has a slightly harder edge in songs like ‘Everything’ and One Track Mind’. It is clear that Sanders is a fine vocalist giving a lot of his colleagues a run for their money. The men has a very nice voice. The earlier mentioned Petrovic treats us to some fine solo work, George Lynch sounds like a big inspiration. Unfortunately, there a are some weaker tracks like the very cliché ‘A Night To Remember’ and ‘The Silence’. This first album makes it clear that DeVicious has more than enough potential. But some of the songs are just to simple. If the band starts to write songs like ‘Everything’ and ‘Calling Angels’ than their next album could well turn out to be a nice surprise.

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