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Mask Of Prospero - The Obervatory

Mask Of Prospero - The Obervatory

Label : Symmetric Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This Greek progressive metal band was founded in 2014 and a year later an EP came out. Unfortunately, after this they fell victim to some member changes. In the end everything was solved and the band succeeded in developing their own sound in which firm djent-like pieces are mixed with emotional passages. There is plenty of room for putting atmospheric pieces with keyboards and softer guitars between all that violence. The nine songs offer a lot of variety. And then we have not talked about singer Christos Kontoulis yet. He shows an enormous range in his voice. From beautiful emotional couplets he suddenly switches over to heavy roaring parts. Just listen to opener 'Dust In The Sky'. Fragile vocals in combination with atmospheric keyboard parts. And his voice can reach so high. Successor 'Drown In Gray' is directly my listening tip to discover the full talent of this promising band. Sturdy and short djent riffs with fast and pounding drums. That is quickly switched to space-like synths and sensitive vocal parts to immediately pound back into it. Chorusses loaded with emotion are alternated with a heavy roar. During 'The Journey' I felt shivers down my spine from his beautifully charged vocal parts. The artwork looks sober and stylish and fits perfectly with the musical gem that it contains. Mask Of Prospero has proven to have a lot to offer here. A band that we certainly will hear more from in the future.

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