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Ancestors - Suspended In Reflections

Ancestors - Suspended In Reflections

Label : Pelagic Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Another interesting experience, the new Ancestors album. I have heard many different ways in which music manages to tap into the melancholic feelings of the listener, but 'Suspended In Reflections' just added something entirely new to that. Its predecessor 'In Dreams And Time' dates from 2012 and according to the band, in the meantime reduced from five members to three, the years in between have caused them to grow exponentially as songwriters. And they are, in fact, quite right.

Expectedly the new album doesn't sound quite like 'In Dreams And Time', on which there was still quite an amount of stoner and obvious doom metal, beside a more experimental and progressive sound. The band has taken those sounds and ideas and continued to develop them, honing them to perfection. It could have gone the other way, but thankfully it did not and what we have here is Ancestors at its finest. 'Suspended...' tells a story with a build-up that reminds me of Marillion's 'Misplaced Childhood'. Take note: musically it is not like that album at all. Momentous with very heavy parts ocassionally, alternated by quiet, brooding moments, and it is these moments that hit the hardest: right then the music confers a foreboding, maybe even slightly paranoid atmosphere. This whole way of doing things makes this music, more than anything else, some kind of progressive doom metal.

'Suspended In Reflections' is a tragical something. It bestows upon the listener a sense of nostalgia that will make you return to some of your most beautiful memories, and then takes them away from you again. You, a child, on the spacious, meticulously trimmed, bright green lawn, its color accentuated by the soft rays of the sun while mom stands a little bit further, wearing her summer dress, chatting away with that familiar voice, but fading away. Years of happiness with that one, special person whom you thought would never leave you. Content and happy, until the day she suddenly traded you in for someone who will never appreciate her beauty and presence the way you used to. And you fill up that void with thoughts of him and her together, while she is wearing that satisfied, beautiful smile on her face. Or that very vivid dream in which you felt utterly blissful and you keep striving in vain to relive that. The very last warm, lazy days of autumn before the endless, harsh winter begins.

Yes, mankind truly loves misery. In an incomprehensible but recognizable way we tend to feel safe and comfortable when we allow ourselves to waddle in woes, and Ancestors just managed to transform this feeling into music in an almost supernatural way. 'Suspended In Reflections' takes you on a haunting journey to the depths of human emotion, but it will leave you feeling whole and content.

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