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Parasite Inc. - Dead And Alive

Parasite Inc. - Dead And Alive

Label : Reaper Entertainment | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The German melodic death metal band Parasite Inc. quickly became popular after it was founded in 2007. A nice debut and a lot of gigs ensured this. Unfortunately, there was also a dark side. Line-up changes and a label that went belly-up made it a lot quieter around the band. Halfway through 2017 however they entered the studio again and after a crowd funding campaign the band will now release a new album.

They are still a death metal band but certainly one of the modern generation. A lot of keyboards are used and there is a lot of interaction with other genres. Nice to see that a band still dares to experiment. 'Once And For All' sets off the power metal direction. The song is even cheerful and energetic. No complicated melodies but nice in its simplicity.v'This World' is a lot firmer and loaded with metalcore riffs. With a keyboard you can do a lot and that is fully utilized here. 'Fall Of The Idealist' could even be called industrial, where 'Headfuck Rollercoaster' contains thrash influences but equally some good power metal. They end with a cover from the song ‘Empty Streets’, originally recorded by the 80s new-wave project Scandroid. Parasite Inc. managed to make a nice death metal versus 80s synth pop combination from it. Even Johnny van Spelbound is singing along for a bit. The eleven catchy death metal songs provide a varied and modern album. It is reminiscent of Amon Amarth but with its own identity. Just listen to 'Dead And Alive', Cold Silent or 'Headfuck Rollercoaster' and try to sit still. I bet you can’t!

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