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Revaira - In Between

Revaira - In Between

Label : Redfield Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Although this German metalcoreband only now comes with their debut album, they have already a nice history. In 2016 they self-released the single 'Revive'. This lead to a quarter of a million plays on Spotify, and the attention that goes with it. The band also participated in a competition from Pitchback Studios and Redfield Records. To make a long story short, they won and ‘Revive’ got a new production and a digital release. Redfield was so impressed, however, that they immediately offered the band a contract.

The first album did however take a while. The combination of a private live and making music professionally was something that needed some thought, but now here’s finally the debut full-length. Now it is quite difficult to do something quirky in the metalcore genre. Revaira, however, brings such an dose of quality that it is hard to resist. Not that it’s all played on hyperspeed, no. It is more that cumbersome and brutal atmosphere that matters. The material is loaded with breaks and passages in which the necessary doses of melody and melancholy can be heard. Also vocally, the listener is certainly spoiled. The versatile voice of Patrik walks all the way from roaring and growling to beautiful clear vocals. If I had to name a few of my favorites, it would definitely be 'Crescent', 'Pulse' and 'Aporia'. A must for every metalcore fan!

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