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Annisokay - Arms

Annisokay - Arms

Label : Arising Empire | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This German metalcoreband has been around since 2007. Who stumbles when pronouncing the name Annisokay, can easily think of Michael Jacksons 'Smooth Criminal' and the question Annie are you ok? When searching for a band name, they found the nice idea to give an answer. In 2014 they signed with SPV. The next two albums 'Enigmatic Smile' and 'Devil May Care' even won a place in German album charts. This year they joined the Arising Empire team and they can aim for a place at the top. Judging by 'Arms' they will certainly succeed. Their uncomplicated metalcore is a succession of clean, warm vocals and emotional elements with firm brutal eruptions in it. Even the most stoic grumpyface will eventually fold for this. Guitarist and singer Christoph Wieczorek composed the majority of the songs with nothing else then his guitar and voice. For this he went all the way back to the essence of a good song. The man himself is a full-time producer and has access to a new and modern home studio where the band could fully practice and experiment. That's easy to hear from the result, because every song sounds great. From the heavy opener 'Coma Blue' to the more subdued 'Innocence Was Here' that starts as a ballad but ends as a hellish fury. Nowhere you get the feeling that there is a song too much. That makes 'Arms' a blissful record that where you can’t get enough from.

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