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Ravens Creed - Get Killed Or Try Dying

Ravens Creed - Get Killed Or Try Dying

Label : Xtreem Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : Former cult-superband Ravens Creed releases its third full-length and this one has, for those who have remotely kept an eye out on the hitparades of the last years, a more than brilliant title. It of course refers to the debut record of the well-nigh talentless and supremely dull fit-boy, rapper 50 Cent. 'Get Rich, Or Die Trying', was the name of his own serious solo effort, under the wings of Eminem and Dr Dre. Ravens Creed was founded by members of Skyclad, Iron Monkey, Cerebral Fix and at the time Orange Goblin.

The band plays thrash in a style of their own, with their own musical legacy woven through it. So a lot of filthy doom influences, vocals with more tendencies of death metal in the vein Unleashed and Macabre than thrash and foremost with a very wayward character. That for example is translated in the fact that there is not a single song topping the border of 3 minutes. Their groove is really nice, their spirit dirty and despite the fact nothing really specials happens throughout the course of the disk, it is a permanent joy to listen to, at a very pleasant level of craftmanship. An absolute must-have for fans of old fashioned, with a sweaty vibe to it.

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