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Mongrel’s Cross - Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court

Mongrel’s Cross - Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court

Label : Hells Headbangers | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Mongrel's Cross is already active for more than ten years in the Australian metal scene and their new descendant 'Psalter Or The Royal Dragon Court' will be released, just like their previous album, by the renowned Hells Headbangers. While they played a punk tinted mix of black and thrash with a very dirty edge on the first demo and the EP 'Whoresanna', they played this really blackish thrash on the split with Innsmouth, they gradually moved on to a more sophisticated sound on the first full length ‘The Sins of Aquarius‘. 'Psalter Of The Royal Dragon Court’ is primarily a solid thrash metal record with small hints of black metal, but also of death metal and heavy metal. Mongrel's Cross plays a fairly technical form of thrash metal, but not very blackened at all, except for the vocals. Singer Grand Mongrel has a nasty gargle in his throat, not very varied, but if he screams the higher notes, this immediately gives another dimension to the song. The solos are excellent and varied while the bass is very audible. The production is sterile and very clean, but thereby the album is also accessible for a wide audience. Songs like ‘King Of The Beast’, ‘Khara’, ‘Derkesthai – Initiation’ and ‘Vessel Of Shar On’ are quite melodious and not that raw. This album might be too soft for fans of other heavy Australian violence like Bestial Warlust, Gospel Of The Horns or Deströyer 666, but if you think this year’s 'Titan' of Nocturnal Graves is a great record, you should check this out too.

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