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Invocation Spells - Spread Cruelty In The Abyss

Invocation Spells - Spread Cruelty In The Abyss

Label : Hells Headbangers | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Bands that play some kind of thrash metal practically grow on trees In South America. In Chile they haven’t got this wide range of thrashing bands but with Perversor, Ammit, Dangerous, Unholy Force and Ripper they still have a number of leading underground bands that see thrash as their main philosophy of life and there is no doubt Invocation Spells from Santiago is also part of this eminent gang. With ‘Spread Cruelty In The Abyss’ they release their fourth full length in five years and since the debut ‘Unholy Blasphemies’ in 2014 there has not much changed in the game of these guys.

The production on the new album might be less raw than before, but for the rest this remains an uncomplicated black/thrash metal assault in the direction of Desaster or Nocturnal Witch with a lot of speed metal influences. 'Spread Cruelty In The Abyss' contains eight short songs with few surprises, plenty superfast riffs, many tempo changes, but not one concession. Obssessor and Witchfucker play whatever they want to and how they want to and not you, me or anybody is going to chance that. Opening track ‘Ruins Of Cemetery’ seems to start rather slowly, but as soon as 'Victims Of Doom' kicks in, the place is trashed until the last seconds of 'From The Graves’. I don’t know how they divided the tasks on this album, but that’s not important: ‘Spread Cruelty In The Abyss’ is a fun, spontaneous dose of thrashing noise as it’s meant to be and that’s the only thing that matters.

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