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Svavelvinter - Mörkrets Tid

Svavelvinter - Mörkrets Tid

Label : Dimout Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : An unreadable logo and lyrics that are completely in Swedish, which I do not understand at all... this could be enough elements in itself to pass on Swedish Svavelvinter. Until I see eight letters, immediately know that from then on there is no escape, I have to listen to this and will mercilessly fall for it: Ä l v e s t a m.

Svavelvinter (Swedish for sulfur winter) is a project in which Swedish author Erik Granström and musician Christian Älvestam have combined forces. One person provides the musical coloring, the other knows to create a beautiful fantasy world with his pen strokes. Granström, currently regarded as one of the foremost fantasy authors in the Scandinavian countries, creates an enchanting world full of mystic and dark events. Lovers of everything related to fantasy and science fiction - Granström's work is often compared to Game of Thrones - will love it. Yes, the lyrics are in Swedish, but Grandström has made a nice gesture to all fans and translated all the lyrics into English and added an explanation on his blog. And no, I can copy and paste his explanation here, but I will not give anything away: time to read yourself.

The musical basis of Svavelvinter is melodic death metal, with an occasional black metal edge added to it. Älvestam provides an atmospheric, varied completion, in which the sound is partially reminiscent of his other or former acts (Miseration, Quest or Aidance, Solution., 45, Scar Symmetry, The Few Against Many), but also to bands such as Stortregn and to a lesser extent Euphoreon and Suotana. The music consists of heavy riffs, a combination of melodic passages and a dark atmosphere, sudden tempo changes, changes of atmosphere and the ever-varied vocals of Christian Älvestam. The album covers eight tracks and takes a little more than fifty-nine minutes. Despite the fact that the songs are long ('Vanderland', 'De Åldriga Ödlornas Ed' and 'Ishjärta'), they never lose any of their attractiveness.

The album 'Mörkrets Tid' is only available on cd through Dimout Productions and will not become officially available anywhere in digital form. Of course, you can watch video’s of several tracks on YouTube and get an impression. Just be warned; before you know it, you will shriek out loud: ‘En tusenårig leda, min vilja fjättrad med eviga band’. Such a beautiful album...

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