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Sphaera - Teratology

Sphaera - Teratology

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Patrick : Joseph Carey Merrick, better known as The Elephant Man, was an Englishman who gained fame because of his rather aberrant appearance. He suffered from the Proteus syndrome, which in his case meant that he suffered from the growth of all kinds of bumps and deformities on his whole body. Many people thought he was frightening to watch and there was no social connection for him, so Merrick decided to work as a place of interest in a freak show of a circus. It provided the circus with many visitors and earned him the nickname 'The Elephant Man'.

Malformations ... it is also the central theme on 'Teratology', the second EP of the French five Sphaera from Metz. On their in 2017 released EP 'C8H11NO2' (dopamine) the band came forward with technical death metal with many progressive influences. It is also what you will come across on this three track EP. Things such as atypical structures, tempo and atmosphere changes and complexity are all present. In comparison with 'C8H11NO2' the atmospheric effect, undoubtedly due to the theatrical aspect of the EP, is much more emphatically and convincing. With the use of rather unexpected vocals ('The Fallen') and samples ('Fraktion'), the band gives the theatrical aspect a nice shape. In addition, the tracks are just a bit more aggressive, but on the other hand the five-piece know, by incorporating melody and catchy choruses, to keep the music accessible. It makes 'Teratology' a varied and attractive whole.

'Teratology' has only three tracks, but those are extremely attractive. If you like progressive, technical death metal, this 'Teratology' is an album that you should listen to at least. The quintet has, with respect to their previous EP, grown enormously and that promises something for the future. On to a full-length?

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