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Order ov Riven Cathedrals - Göbekli Tepe

Order ov Riven Cathedrals - Göbekli Tepe

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : Göbekli Tepe ... it will not be the Italian Order Ov Riven Cathedrals to build their mythological theme of the new album around a mystical archaeological site in Turkey. About the unique complex that is found there, many notorious theories go around but not much has been determined. Something that might add a little extra to the mysterious atmosphere that the Italian pair wants to evoke on their new album?

The album of the Italian duo, whose identity is still not announced (other than 12 and En Sabah Nur), is a logical continuation of predecessor ’The Discontinuity's Interlude’, were it not that everything on' Göbekli Tepe’ turns out' even darker, more powerful, denser and heavier. Opening track 'Heretica Speedlight 299.792458' may still be a track that mainly seems to pull you into the somewhat cinematic atmosphere of the album, from 'Worship Ov Abduction' on, the pace is full on and the duo is holding on to that until the outtro. By providing the tracks with variations in tempo and atmosphere ('Adoration Ov The Spherical Trigonometry', 'Invocation Ov The Kavod'), the attractiveness of the music is not hindered by the density. And yes, get used to the somewhat peculiar titles, because the album is full of that.

Once with industrial and black metal influences have been added to the technical death metal and the blast beats, ruthless rhythms and technical riffs are not up to scratch. The clean vocals, which created a nice contrast on 'The Discontinuity's Interlude', have been omitted. On the other hand, choirs have been added, which is particularly convincing in 'The Fury's Algorithm'. Furthermore, the album is peppered with electronics and all sorts of samples and quotes. We get quotes from Robbert Opperheimer (‘Adoration Ov The Spherical Trigonometry’), Christopher Nolan from ‘Batman Begins’ and Sam Esmail from the tv series ‘Mr Robot’ (‘Glorification Ov The Divine Fallout’) and Walter White from ‘Breaking Bad’ (‘29.9792458 - Hymns To Complete Disintegration’). It adds a lot of atmosphere, almost a cinematic aspect, to the music. At the end of 'Glorification Ov The Divine Fallout' it takes away from the flow of the album or do I have to see that as a moment to gasp for breath, before you go under in the auditory violence again?

On 'Göbekli Tepe' extreme brutality and atmosphere merge beautifully. It is hard to imagine that only two people can make such intense, dense music. Highly recommended for those who love epic, intense and aggressive death metal.

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