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Acrid - Wonderland

Acrid - Wonderland

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Acrid is a Dutch band from The Hague that was founded in 1994. Several EP's, demos and albums have been released, but given the fact that the second album 'Prism' was only released in 2015 you know that it was not an easy route. Now there is, already within 3 years after its predecessor, album number three 'Wonderland'. Produced and released by the band itself, it has become a modern mix of death and thrash metal that is easily on the same level as contemporary international releases.

Lots of up tempo songs with varied vocals by vocalist Kaj Turfanda (who unfortunately left the band already) and nice and heavy riffs. Striking is also the melodic solo work, as in 'What Lies Beneath', but that actually gives a clear characteristic to all the songs on this album. Not always do the alternating vocals work in favor of the band, on 'Climb That Wall' for example it sounds a bit forced, but on the other hand the solos in this song are again of a high level. Drums and bass guitar provide a smooth and solid accompaniment throughout the album, no weird freaky shit but they just make you feel the music in your lower abdomen. The variety in the songs is enough to keep things interesting from start to finish, so Acrid has just delivered an excellent modern metal album with 'Wonderland'. It is unfortunate that the band has to deal with many line-up changes, if they managed to get a little stable line-up then the level could only increase even more

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