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Carchosa - Carchosa

Carchosa - Carchosa

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : What do we have here? The debut album by Carchosa, which is a one man army led by Henrik Nygren, who is responsible for the music and lyrics, vocals, all guitars and programming. Well and for self-releasing this beautiful digipack as well. Deathrash maniacs take attention and follow this link to listen to and buy yourself a copy of the self-titled album because in a few months you will have to spend big bucks on it on Discogs or e-Bay. Aren’t you hungry yet?

Carchosa plays deathrash metal with some melodic and modern touches, think old school thrash such as Kreator, Hypnosia and some more sophisticated and up-to-date elements in the vein of Arch Enemy. Nygren is a good composer, which results in diversified songs that eager you to listen on and on again. Sure, there could be a surplus of variation with a genuine drummer instead of a mechanical one, but for a demo full-length this will do. I guess there will be enough great musicians available in Malmö, Sweden to start world domination. ‘Carchosa’ is only the beginning of something that’s dark and intense yet beautiful.

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