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Creatures - II

Creatures - II

Label : Old Haunt Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Deathcore is a difficult genre. It is fucking heavy but it lacks some feeling and emotion, except the massive blow to the head that you often get (figuratively speaking of course). Creatures from Toronto has released an EP that suffices with deathcore as it is played nowadays, comparisons with a band like Veil Of Maya are made and also Born Of Osiris is mentioned. Well, I do not know if those bands really play deathcore, but okay. Creatures tries to decorate the songs alongside the obligatory breakdowns with samples and a keyboard here and there. Problem is that it is no more than randomly placing a keyboard somewhere in the song, there seems to be no thought behind it and if it does, it does not work for this particular listener. At certain moments a song like 'Broken Anchors' can work for me very nicely, but as with most deathcore, those moments are not so common. Often it is pure brutality without a well thought out idea, so this EP is not really the one for me.

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