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Insulter - The Misanthrope

Insulter - The Misanthrope

Label : Witches Brew | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Witches Brew Records is one of my favourite German underground labels. Unfortunately their releases are hard to find over here (in Holland) but now and then you will find some WB-stuff on record fairs. Of course you can also order some through the e-shop but this of course doesn’t fulfil the satisfaction of the devotion of hunting and finding records, cassettes and CD’s. Take Insulter: their second full-length ‘The Misantrophe’ was just released on CD and vinyl.

The Witches Brew shop however doesn’t sell the vinyl version (anymore). Therefore you will have to find it somewhere else. The same goes for their 2016 ‘Crypts Of Satan’ release. Only CD, no vinyl. And I need them badly and so do you. If you are in old Teutonic thrash, that is. ‘The Misanthrope’ is a total ‘Endless Pain’, ‘In the Sign Of Evil’, ‘Sentence Of Death’, ‘Final Strike’, ‘A Touch Of Medieval Darkness’ and ‘The Upcoming Terror’ worship and it’s fucking adorable. This is probably one of the best and contagiously great thrash albums to emerge from German soil in 2018.

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