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Trumpets Of The Apocalypse - Stabbed To Death With A Flag Pin

Trumpets Of The Apocalypse - Stabbed To Death With A Flag Pin

Label : Big Bad Wolf Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Koen B. : Trumpets Of The Apocalypse “is a is a two guy project, dedicated to ventilating hatred for the orange buffoon currently occupying the White House”. The project from Leeuwarden / The Netherlands just released their ‘Stabbed To Death With A Flag Pin’ EP (playing time about fifteen minutes) through Big Bad Wolf Records, which is also a very cool record store in Leeuwarden. Do pay them a visit when you are fierljepping, ice skating or sailing around the Dutch Friesland area.

As you might expect from an anti-Trump project, all songs are dedicated to the Trump government, but you have to figure that out yourself as Lords Of Metal is a music zine and not a political charter. T.O.T.A.’s music is kind of nice. The main flow is fast hardcore with influences from other styles such as death metal and grindcore, kind of Heresy meets Sore Throat topped with some M.D.C.. There’s even a M.D.C. cover of ‘Born To Die’ from their 1982 ‘Millions Of Death Cops’ album on the ‘Stabbed To Death…’ MCD. A vulgar display of hatred this is.

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