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Motorowl - Atlas

Motorowl - Atlas

Label : Century Media | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Motorowl is a band from Germany who have been picked-up by the mighty Century Media. I’m not sure what the band name means though, but I don’t think (or hope) it’s an owl on a motor. In 2016 the band released their debut album ‘Om Generator’ which was noticeable for the psychedelic doom rock sound with progressive influences. ‘Om Generator’ received a score of 71/100 from former colleague Winston, who’s main comments were that the music was not bad at all but that there wasn’t really a climax present. I can agree on that statement after listening to the band’s newest album ‘Atlas’.

It’s actually a pretty good album, in which the guitars are mainly playing rhythm parts (riffs, only few leads) and the keyboards fill the void with sounds that wouldn’t have sounded bad on a record from the seventies. The drums and bass guitars are supporting the music well, even though they don’t get many moments to shine. The vocals of Max Hemmann do stand out though, unfortunately I don’t really love his vocals, he has some singing ‘tricks’, or habits, that he repeats way(!) too often. I also find that his voice is starting to bug me a bit after a couple of songs, but perhaps that’s a matter of taste as he sings quite well and his voice fits the ‘old’ sound of the music pretty well. It’s not the only thing that I have critique on, although the songs are pretty decent overall, I find it hard to stay focused on the music, there is just too little for me to make the music really cool. To name some examples, I think the vocal melodies aren’t always strong, they lean on the keyboards a bit too much, and I feel that the band keeps stuck in the same melody too long. Perhaps that someone who loves doom metal and/or stoner rock could appreciate this album a bit more than I could, personally I don’t mind listening to the album but it’s not something that I would put on myself. Anyway, the guys from Motorowl have definitely created a very decent album and I believe that there will be a group of people who will love the record.

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