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Like A Storm - Catacombs

Like A Storm - Catacombs

Label : Century Media | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : 2017 seemed like a quiet year for Like A Storm. Yet they have not really taken much free time. The band moved from New Zealand to Las Vegas. With the Nevada desert in the background, they have concentrated on writing the new album. A big contrast compared to the predecessor 'Awaken The Fire' that was written in hotel rooms during the long touring. You can hear that. The band writes one after the other catchy song with a lot of listening friendliness for a very wide audience. You could even catalog them in alternative pop such as Bring My The Horizon. Yet they can also play some more brutal.

Listen to opener 'The Devil Inside'. It is right that this song was chosen as the first hit and forerunner of the album. Apart from rock, there are also heavier riffs. The choruses may sound even firmer with even a hint of metalcore in them. Another unique element is the didgeridoo that is used. In combination with a solid guitar that does not only sound unique, it is also a wonderful listening experience. Fortunately, this unique instrument comes back later. Overall, this album sounds a lot more up-tempo than their predecessor. Like A Storm has found the perfect combination between emotional pieces interspersed with firmer elements. Only for title track 'Catacombs' was a more sentimental direction assumed. Pop and rock but not a ballad at all. The idea comes from a visit to the catacombs in Paris. Endless tunnels where you can hopelessly get lost without a guide. Thousands of skeletons are buried there while several meters higher people are chatting and enjoying their coffee. But in 'These Are The Bridges You Burned Down' all brakes are thrown loose and this is the heaviest song on the album. It ends with the longer rock and metal opus 'Pure Evil'. The song was released last year to cover the waiting time between the two albums. It was even in the US top 40 before it was officially released as a single. The band has done a lot of well-known festivals around the world with big bands. With 'Catacombs' this only increases. And quite rightly so.

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