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Moonreich - Fugue

Moonreich - Fugue

Label : LADLO Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Almost three years after ‘Pillars Of Detest’ Moonreich delivers its successor, called ‘Fugue’. The first thing one notices is that the band continues along the road the set off along with their previous album and has set about perfecting that sound. The technical black comes across more organic here and some sludge influences can be discerned. It all flows very naturally. The Deathspell Omega influences which were very clearly present before have moved more to the background and the band has more a voice of its own now. At times Moonreich reminds me of Dutch band Terzij De Horde due to the screamy vocals. But not musically. Moonreich clearly keeps on growing. I am already looking forward to new material by this French band.

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