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Alice In Hell - Creation Of The World

Alice In Hell - Creation Of The World

Label : STF Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Re-release

Nima : This Japanese band was born in 2011 and has released two albums via the small underground label Black-Listed Productions. The German STF-Records noticed the band and has recently re-released both albums, 'Creation Of The World' (2014) and 'The Fall' (2017).

On the debut, 'Creation Of The World', the band comes with old-school, strongly eighties-inspired thrash, where the inspiration mainly comes from the North-American variant of the genre. The music is reminiscent of the earlier work of bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Forbidden, Vio-Lence and - as if the band name didn’t already suggest – Annihilator. In less than 30 minutes the band rages and thrashes through eight tracks, which almost all make a good impression. None of it is even surprising or earth-shaking for a second. The gentlemen have done everything by the booklet so that the whole sounds very predictable. That however is not disturbing, because despite the lack of an own identity it all sounds delightfully familiar. Besides, the compositions are simply strong, and with songs such as 'Time To Die', 'Rage 4 GT', 'Blood Fist' and especially the seven-minute 'Cry For War' the record contains a number of highlights. The gentlemen also make a strong impression on a musical level. Especially the guitar work is very good and the gentlemen throw the one strong riff and lick after the other off their sleeve. The matching aggressive vocals sound strong as well, which also goes for the production and altogether there is simply no reason to complain. Fans of 80s thrash and bands like Havok, Fueled By Fire, Evile, Bonded By Blood and co. will certainly appreciate this record.

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