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Wretch - Reborn

Wretch - Reborn

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Re-release

Henk : Wretch re-releases their debut CD that was initially released on Auburn Records back in 2006. This time through their current label Pure Steel Records. Since the album was not reviewed at the time at LOM, twelve years later it at last debuts on your favorite website. 'Reborn' was like I already said originally published in 2006 and therefore sounds anything but corny. At that time the recording techniques had progressed so far that the album just sounds very good. We can also say the same for the eleven original songs that were recorded at the time. From opener 'Mental Wars' to 'Til Death Do Us Part' one will enjoy the power metal that this band brings. This is American-style so with the necessary thrash influences. Especially the tracks 'Reborn' and 'I Am Storm' (very fast, bright and aggressive) pop out of your speakers. 'The Winners' is an attempt to write an interesting semi-ballad, but opinions about this will be divided. On this release a bonus track 'The Conflict' has been added in which the current singer can be heard and he is a unfortunately not as good than the singer on the debut. Too bad about the otherwise very cool track. No score for re-releases but it would have scored very well twelve years ago.

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