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Halcyon Way - Bloody But Unbowed

Halcyon Way - Bloody But Unbowed

Label : Agonia Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : De release ‘Conquer’ is behind us for four years now, and so the Atlanta based band thought it was about bloody time they’d give a sign of life in the form of a full album. And they didn’t let those four years go to waste. They only had to replace their drummer. The clean vocals (with occasional grunts), over their proggy music works really well and the band delivers a remarkably coherent record, of which the pleasure just keep on dripping off. And that is not too common with musicians who pride in their technical prowess. They keep the pace up nicely most of the time, without becoming brutal of course, and they just have very open music, for the lack of a more suiting description. And despite the fact they explore quite a variety of influences, the red thread in the music as a whole stays recognisable. Even if they use computer sounds it still is functional. And that is in fact what it is all about, no matter how good you are, it is only important what you do with it. For fans of up-tempo prog bands this is probably a release you cannot allow yourself to miss in 2018. The only critical remark I can think of is the fact that they will not be praised for their originality, but that is not what you should expect, nor even want from a band like this.

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