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Shed The Skin - We Of Scorn

Shed The Skin - We Of Scorn

Label : Hells Headbangers | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : With 'We Of Scorn', the Ohio-based ensemble Shed The Skin is publishing their second album this month in collaboration with Hells Headbangers. Anyone who has never heard the name Shed The Skin will certainly remember them when I mention the band members, because with Kyle Severn (drums - Incantation, ex-Ancheron), Ash Thomas (vocals, guitar - Crucified Mortal, Estuary, ex-Ancheron), Matt Sorg (guitar - Soulless, ex-Blood Of Christ) and Ed Stephens (bass guitar - ex-Destructor) we get quite a remarkable line-up that provokes happy expectations immediately.

The band plays death metal with a light, traditional thrash feeling that sometimes even touches the melancholic side and is clearly the product of a group of experienced musicians who are consciously involved with their music. They create a nice mix of influences that provides enough variety and tension. The vocals sometimes alternate between yelling and screaming, something I personally experience as very pleasant and they keep the music mostly in the mid-tempo, but they now and then also show that they can also play fast. In my view, these moments are the most convincing parts of 'We Of Scorn' and it is in these parts where Shed The Skin dare to go a step further on their second album than they used to do in the past. A pretty well done and entertaining record, so grab your chance and get your own copy on 27th of July!

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