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Hell's Gazelles - Take Your Medicine

Hell's Gazelles - Take Your Medicine

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : My first impression by looking at the band name and cover-art, makes me suspect this being a sleazy bit of high energy rawk ‘n’ roll; wrong guess, this is something completely different. This is eighties metal with loads of very familiar sounding riffs and tight pants vocals reminding of something in the direction of for example Helloween or even Queensrÿche at times. Sometimes it all sounds very typical German metal-like, but also a NWOBHM elements are hitting the surface. One thing is for sure: it looks a lot like many things, but most attempts are not that successful and do not hit the target. The quite catchy ‘Foxy Lady’ drive in ‘She Devil’ does not combine that well with the chilly sound of the riffs, and the typical metal vocals for example. Actually that goes for this album as a whole: many separate elements of ‘Take Your Medicine’ are done before quite often, but mostly much better and more fitting. The omnivores in the genre will consume this easily without a doubt, but to most listeners the quality and experience will be slightly below the standard...

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