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Myrkvid - Demons Are Inside

Myrkvid - Demons Are Inside

Label : Immortal Frost Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Job : It’s very clear what Myrkvid tries to be on their new EP ‘Demons are Inside’ – as traditionally black metal as possible with a strong nudge to black ’n roll bands like Vreid and mainly Midnight. In a sound that’s been defined by other bands more so than yourself, it’s very hard to be original and sound genuine. Luckily for us, neither of those intentions are Myrkvid’s. Production-wise, this album is exactly what you would expect from a ‘let us be trve’ black metal band: kind of bad, on top of a drummer that’s really trying his best at tight blast beats and guitars that sound as muffled as they sound underdeveloped. Diehard fans of the genre might want to give this a spin, but for anyone else this is a no go.

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