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Cayne - Beyond The Scars

Cayne - Beyond The Scars

Label : Graviton Services | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Cayne was founded in 1999 by ex-Lacuna Coil members Claudio Leo and Raffaele Zagaria and the band did well until about 2013. Claudio Leo died in that year and that meant a severe blow to the band. In 2014, two members stepped down and the band had to try to recover. That worked out and the band found a new way to head on. Now there is a new achievement with the title ' Beyond The Scars ' and is proving to be a great album.

Of course the characteristic dark brown voice of Giordano is one of the strongest elements of this band. He has one of the most beautiful voices that I know of. Add to this the heavy guitars that are in contrast with the keys and violin parts and you get more than a striking combination. I understand that they like to listen to Paradise Lost, AC/DC and Lacuna Coil, the dark and bearing elements are strongly present and the pain in the lyrics are deeply felt because of the vocalist. In as many as twelve songs you are taken on a journey using hard riffs and beautiful ballads to make you yearn for more. Sometimes it is difficult to write reviews, but in this case it was only difficult to stop listening and start writing. This is an album you would like to hear over and over again.

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