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Mind Abduction - Comet

Mind Abduction - Comet

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that, as a music critic, you get an album that just doesn’t really do it for you. 'Comet' by Mind Abduction is such an album for me. Already from the very first song I feared for the worst, the song just contains two minutes of noise. No, I do not mean noise as in black metal or anything, I literally mean noise, there are lots of bird noises (from a keyboard) with all kinds of additional, increasing, sounds. Of course I have to stay objective and listen to the whole album before I give my final assessment, but we’re off to a bad start! There is little to be found about the Finns, only that they, yes, come from Finland. They have a website but there is not much there and contains basically no information except for a link to Facebook, Myspace (that still exists?), and YouTube. Unfortunately, it often says more than I would like to admit. I would like to call on every musician who releases an album, or wants to release one. Please, just make sure you have a working website, or do everything via Facebook. With free tools such as Wordpress or cheap website builders like Squarespace it is not all that difficult to make a simple yet effective website.

Anyway, let's have a look at the music. The first real song of the album, 'Spring', reminds me a bit of the older Opeth, by that I mean that death metal is mixed with symphonic moments. Also vocalist Tuomas Pere, who plays some guitar too, grunts and also sings clean a lot, which he’s not amazing at. The comparison with Opeth stops there. The mix is not fantastic but not bad enough to be annoying, the vocals are very mediocre to okay, which is not rare with guitarists who also sing, and the song does not convince me at all. This line is actually continued throughout the album, occasionally there are certainly moments that sound interesting and the band shows that they can make good music as well. Listen for example to the end of 'Wavelengths', or most part of the song 'Comet' (ignoring the vocals there). I also find that the songs often keep the same melody going for too long, I miss some dynamic and variety here and there.

I do not want to waste a lot of words on it, 'Comet' is an album that sounds like it was made by a young group that has to grow in creating music. The album is okay, instrumentally there are certainly a few moments that show that the band has some potential, but the vocals really are a dealbreaker for me. He does the grunts very well, but the clean vocals are anything but beautiful, I would prefer a dedicated singer with more possibilities.

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