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Distorted Harmony - A Way Out

Distorted Harmony - A Way Out

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : How nice it is when things come together by sheer luck! I was considering whether or not I wanted to order the new album from Distorted Harmony, but unexpectedly I received the album in my mailbox for a review! And, dear reader, I was very happy with that! Distorted Harmony is a band that I only discovered two years ago when 'Chain Reaction', the second album of the band, came to my ears. Ever since I have wondered why this band has remained so unknown, almost everyone I know, who listens to progressive metal, didn’t know this group. That is just unacceptable! It will certainly not help that these guys do everything themselves, from writing and recording to releasing and promoting, is kept in their own hands. Perhaps out of necessity? The band hails from Israel and I wouldn’t be able to name more than one other metal band from that corner of the world. Anyway, the band is releasing their third album this year under the name 'A Way Out' and, if it’s as good as its predecessor, this will probably be a promotional talk.

Distorted Harmony makes modern progressive metal, relatively short songs (up to seven minutes) with powerful guitars, which occasionally remind me of djent, clean vocals, and not too lengthy instrumental passages. Think of Caligula's Horse or Evergrey, but different. I've played 'A Way Out' at least ten times before I dared writing a review, at first I wasn’t entirely convinced but after each play the album started to grow on me more and more. Compared with 'Chain Reaction' a number of subtle things have changed, a second guitarist has joined (Amit Plaschkes) and the music seems to have just a bit more of a punch to it. Also vocalist Michael Rose seems to have become a bit better since the last record, not that it was necessary as he’s a great singer, and delivers a few great melodies! Musically it seems as if the band has listened to Textures a number of times recently, there are in fact a few vocal lines and guitar parts that could have been on the never-released last album of Textures! I’m dragging on a little bit so I'll keep it short. If you want to know if Distorted Harmony is something for you, you just have to listen to 'Awaken' and 'Severed'. Chances are you want to hear more because, dear me, these songs are awesome.

After several plays, I started to listen to this album more and more, not because I needed to write this review, but because I just think it's a really great album. Do you like bands such as Evergrey, Caligula's Horse, or Leprous? Do yourself a favor and listen to this album! For anyone who already knows the band, it is a safe purchase and is in line with the previous album, although it might sound a little more powerful than before. 'A Way Out' is a fantastic album that deserves to be heard!

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