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Shallow Side - Origins

Shallow Side - Origins

Label : Thermal Entertainment LLC | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Shallow Side is an American rock band that finally releases its first full length album with 'Origins'. Finally indeed, because in 2012 the band released its first EP ('Home Today', of which two songs can be found on this release). For the second half of this year a tour is planned with Puddle of Mudd and Saliva (and others) and then it will become clear how much the music of Shallow Side will appeal to the general public.

Actually, I expect that this band can make the step to a large audience. All necessary ingredients are present to a greater or lesser extent. The band writes infectious, grunge-tended rock songs, has an excellent singer in the person of Eric Boatright and with Seth Trimble a guitarist who knows how to integrate heavy riffs into pretty poppy songs. And so everything is easy and pleasant to listen to. Great music to listen to while driving in your car, with the window open and your arm leaning out and feeling the wind goes through your hair (if you still have your hair). The music of the gentlemen reminds me the most of the band Red and they have certainly made it in America. Best songs are 'Crutch' (with Tool influences), 'My Addiction' (contagious) and the ballad 'Crazy'. No earth-shattering album but in this genre just good!

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