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With The End In Sight - Unraveling: Arising

With The End In Sight - Unraveling: Arising

Label : Temple Of Torturous | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : If you read the band name, With The End In Mind, it does not sound like a happy family and if you listen to the music that feeling is confirmed. On the new album 'Unraveling: Arising' there are five songs that are long and drawn out and where it also takes a while before they come to the point. It is atmospheric post-black metal as it is so beautifully described in the press nowadays, with a careful structure based on minimal instrumentation, but where they always work towards a climax, to fall back again into calmer waters.

After slowly massaging in the dark sounds, the vocals of singer Alex Frellich suddenly burst out of the speakers and you are pulled into the harsh reality: the world goes to hell. Strong guitar melodies meander through the songs and the icy voice of Frellich guides you through the cold landscape of a world that indeed goes to hell and we already know the cause, we are all together. Whether you're 'From The Tue Source' or opener 'The Sky', they are beautifully composed songs with a story that might not be very positive, but are much more than just a lament about the state of the world. The lyrics and the music are executed with depth, there are influences from folk music with matching instrumentation and compositions that give the songs a lighter undertone, as if there is still a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. 'Únraveling: Arising' may be a piece of music that cannot be easily digested, but it is a story about the bad state of the world around us with some positive thoughts as well. An appeal is made to the listener's ability to empathize, but isn’t that the best music in the end?

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