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Beggars - The Day I Lost My Head

Beggars - The Day I Lost My Head

Label : Roar | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Our Greek friends Beggars will release their fifth album 'The Day I Lost My Head'. I had not heard of this band before I was sent this album and that might make you wonder why I am calling them friends. The explanation is simple: we share a fondness of rock 'n roll, whoever likes rock 'n roll is a friend. And if there is one thing that was clear the moment I played this record it is the fact that these three gentlemen have translated their passion for heavy rock directly into notes, riffs and musical energy.

The first song is 'Book Of Days' and it blasts away quite steadily, with a good tempo, a nice melody and a gritty sound, reminding us somewhat of Motörhead, but it is not quite the same, even though Yannis Passas's voice sounds rugged and hoarse, as if he too has been drinking whiskey for years. Next up is the title track and it easily fits into the same category, having the same rocking qualities. And thus we move from the instrumental track 'Intersolar Traveller', through the more quiet 'Medusa' to another couple of rocksongs while memories of bands like L7 and ZZ Top come to mind, but in a good, not overly recognizable way.

But something is missing and I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it is the production, because the music is there, the riffs are here, the enthusiasm, the self-assurance, the energy, they are all easily found on this album! But somehow the music appears less strong than I think it could have been, like someone muted the sound by putting a cloth over the speakers, while this must really be played loud, clear and focused. Because of this the music never really seems to lift off and there is a lack on intensity. That is quite a pity because with a sound a little less slick and a little more raw this album could have been even better than it is now.

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