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Gudars Skymning - Grodans Sang

Gudars Skymning - Grodans Sang

Label : Transubstans Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The Swedish seventies bluesy prog/acid/stoner rockers of Gydars Skymning have delivered their next album within a year’s time. The previous albums were all very much appreciated by me, so the expectations concerning the digital post containing the new album were pretty high. The opener ‘Grodans Sang’ is a catchy mix of Black Sabbath –like riffing introduced by a fitting constructive piano intro, alternated with harmonic double guitars, reminding of Thin Lizzy, and an immersive dreamy interlude. While listening to this first track, I discover this album being an instrumental one. Personally I could really appreciate the passionate Swedish vocals with some moments on (or even over ) the edge, but until now I had not really missed additional vocals.

With the second track ‘Skrotum’ that starts to change; it proves to be a real challenge to keep the attention of the listener with just instrumental contributions. The abundant use of flageolets and milking of a theme can certainly lead to boredom. Also the next song ‘Den Mystica Stjarnan’ seems to go towards an interesting piece of work, leaning in the direction of an instrumental Asia, but cannot keep the attention all the way due to staying with the same themes for just a bit too long. The same can be said for most of the songs, except the earlier mentioned ‘Grodans Sang’ and ‘Skymningvals’, which is also pretty varied and engrossing. Another positive exception could have been the final track ‘Skeppet Nautilus’, if the introducing speech and some theme’s (also here) would have been slightly shorter. This could have been a epical piece with a floating laid-back ethos streaming into some heavy acid drives, great guitars and even some Pink Floyd moments. Unfortunately even to me some parts are slightly too long-winding. To me this one was slightly disappointing, but that’s also because of my personal high expectations with this particular band; actually also this album can be judged as pretty much okay.

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