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Venues - Aspire

Venues - Aspire

Label : Arising Empire | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : This young German band travels the path between pop/rock and metal and does so quite magical. The vocals are done by the duo Nyves Krithinidou and Robin Baumann. Call them the reincarnation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde if you will. Nyves has a really excellent singing voice. Her vocal sequences are alternated frequently by the rougher metalcore voice of Robin. Because of this, the band got a metalcore tag, but they are so much more. This is simply blissful pop / rock music with excellent songs. Even the most extreme black and death metal fanatic will go for this. Just listen to the hits 'We Are One' and 'The Epilogue'. And then realize that this album is full with music of this magnitude. Ninety-nine percent of all bands are hopelessly looking for this during their entire career, where this band manages to do a complete album in once. Also musically you get to hear a lot of class and variety. Nowhere they go extremely hard, but they also do not sound too soft anywhere. Firm riffs alternate with tender sounding passages, after which there is steadily a build-up to painful but sharper pieces. However, they have one thing in common. You cannot resist it as a listener. Welcome to the era of modern rock. Keep an eye on the name Venues. Because they are about to break through worldwide.

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